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Quotes "... I LOVED TO SMOKE. I smoked on and off for 31 years. Quitting smoking was easy for me; I did it many, many times. What was difficult was staying stopped - until I had Luigi Malatesta hypnotize me. My end results after a hypnosis for smoking cessation session: I DO NOT SMOKE. I AM A NON-SMOKER. I have No craving to smoke. I do not stink like a smoker. My breathing is much better. I am not a slave to cigarettes. I save at least $100.00 a month. I am not embarrassed about this behavior anymore - I own a gym! The list of benefits is much longer - If you are a smoker, you know what they are..." Quotes
Jim Burke
Owner - Anytime Fitness Franchise

Quotes "...I was advised I needed to take an important securities test in order to keep the position I hold at work. This test can be very challenging and many people fail it the first time around. I had quite a bit of added stress on me to pass this since my job depended on it. I have had hypnosis sessions in the past so I was familiar with the process. Mr. Malatesta was extremely professional and I felt complete trust immediately. He was able to guide me into a complete state of relaxation where he then gave me suggestions and the tools I needed to feel confident I had all the knowledge I needed to pass the test. The day of the test I was in complete control. I passed the test with flying colors and was completely relaxed and confident throughout the whole 6 hours. I will recommend Luigi Malatesta to anyone who needs assistance with anything from stress management to help with changing habits and behaviors. His session truly made the difference for me." Quotes
Erin M
Financial Professional

Quotes "As a middle aged adult, I chose to make a total career change and decided to study for my stockbroker licenses. For as long as I can remember, I have dealt with test anxiety. I decided that if I was going to be successful at passing these exams, I needed to resolve this anxiety. While I have always felt that I cannot be hypnotized, I found your program to be most helpful. I have recently passed both required exams, and on the first attempt. Thank you." Quotes
Raymond B
Financial Professional

Quotes "The results were amazing.....The best way to describe it is I actually feel more confident, the weight seems be lifted from my shoulders and mind and I achieved so much more in my test taking than before. I don't know how I would have passed my series 7 & 63 without your help." Thanks again! Quotes
Tom T
Financial Professional