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Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense Life Insurance is a whole life (permanent life) insurance where the death benefit is used to cover medical costs and other end-of-life expenses, most often funeral costs including services like burial or cremation, items like caskets and urns, and more.

Permanent life insurance does not expire and remains in force for as long as the premiums are paid. If you purchase final expense insurance, the policy will be in effect until you die and your beneficiaries will receive the death benefit. 

IMPORTANT: Your Premium will NEVER INCREASE and your Benefit will NEVER DECREASE

Final expense insurance is meant to be used as burial insurance for funeral expenses, but the beneficiary isn’t technically (or legally) required to do so. The death benefit can be used for whatever they wish.

Final Expense Insurance is a Life Insurance product and is NOT associated with Medicare or any Medicare products.

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult experience.  And making matters worse is the financial burden out-of-pocket expenses can impose at the end of life. Families may have a hard time coming up with these necessary funds quickly. Final expense life insurance can help prevent families from having to withdraw from their savings or sell precious assets to come up with the funds required to bury a loved one.

Unlike other types of insurance, you can buy final expense insurance at any time. There are very few restrictions on what would prevent you from being able to purchase a policy and most people who apply will be approved. Before you purchase your policy, you should think about how much protection you're seeking. Insurance payouts can range greatly, so it's good to have an idea of what you need.

Peace of Mind

You don’t want to leave bills that can become a burden on your loved ones when you pass. It is natural to feel as though there is a need to protect your loved ones after you are no longer there to care for them.

You can do something to ease your mind. Find peace by making plans for whatever needs to be done in order to prepare your family. Purchasing Final Expense Insurance can be just what you need to have peace of mind. Although you may not physically be there, you can still help them through a difficult time by helping to secure their financial situation with money that can be used towards short-term essentials.

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